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Beginner’s Guide: 3 Recommended Pre-school activities

Beginner’s Guide: 3 Recommended Pre-school activities

Are you planning to enroll your child in a pre-school? Are you still quite hesitant about the activities that your chosen pre-school are offering? We understand your dilemma as parents. We know that you want nothing but the best for your children. That is why at Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California, we offer nothing short of the best quality of preschool activities for your toddlers.

At Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare, we design our activities that will ensure child learning and promote development even at a young age. We include educational activities and harmless games so that we cannot only teach our kids the basics but we can also let them enjoy childhood free from worries.

Here are some pre-school activities that we apply in our childcare center and what we recommend for you to try at home:

  1. Talking and Thinking

    According to Unicef, one of the best ways to trigger learning of children is to engage them in talking and thinking activities. So as preschool teachers, we often have lessons conducted in form of games wherein we make sure that our kids can talk and at the same time learn a new word each day.

    We suggest that you come up with games like:

    • Connecting words with actions
    • Let them talk about their hobbies, favorite colors or food that they ate. Make them converse with you in simple language
    • Use “paint me a picture” game
  2. Be creative with tools!

    If you sense that your kids are more visually inclined learners then it would be best if you use toys and other board games to fully pique up their interest. In fact, we provide different learning materials and toys at Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California. Our games and toys includes:

    • Puzzles
    • Scrabbles
    • Construction blocks
    • Dominos
    • Modeling clays
    • Crayons and coloring books
    • balls

    We specifically modify our playrooms with colorful designs and we make it very child friendly because we want your children to enjoy their childhood while learning new things every day. We also acquire new toys and tools regularly in order to keep children from hazards and toxins brought about by old toys and board games.

  3. Accompany your activities with music

    When it comes to children, there is nothing more fun than singing. So, we suggest that when you plan your daily activities for your kids always try to prepare an interesting story that you want to tell them. Kids are fond of stories especially if you deliver it to them with animated actions. And of course, you can also look for a good children’s song and ask them to sing with you!

    1. Can you think of any other activities that might be useful for kids at preschool? Let us know your thoughts at our very own Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California.

      If you are looking for a trusted daycare center in Anaheim, Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare is the best choice for you. You can read more about us at!

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