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How to Encourage the Creativity of a Preschool Child

How to Encourage the Creativity of a Preschool Child

As an adult, you cannot deny that you have thought, at least for once, that it is good to be a child again. No one can blame you for that. Seeing how complicated reality is, it is so fascinating to just be a child once and for all, imagine many things that are not yet understood and see the world in a positive and innocent lens.

Bing Bong, the imaginary friend of Riley Andersen in the Disney animated film ‘Inside Out’, is the mere representation of how we almost forgot what we were when we were younger. This also includes how focused we are in our current reality that is why we forgot how creative we were before.

But we cannot simply go back in time. What you can only do today is to reminisce the happy moments. It may be so long ago but remember the time when you tried to make a story using your toys, when you once asked why the moon is following you and when you colored and drew something on your book.

But reality snaps us back and without further notice, we go back to the real world and begin and end our day like we always do.

To lessen this kind of discontent, you can always take a peek at the past by witnessing the capability of your child and provoking his or her creativity. Yes, you can never go back in time but you are still able to see what you were before through your little one.

Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California is the perfect place for your child if you want to help spark the creativity of your young ones. We know we can be of assistance to you with regards to the preschool and caring of your little angel especially at the most inconvenient time of the day for both of you and your child.

Our preschool teachers and caregivers are trained professionals who are capable of encouraging the creative thinking and the creative play of the little learner. We believe that learning does not just take place by just giving children different toys or things to manipulate. In fact, it will be a lot happier and fun if someone is with them.

So, as we introduce you to some of the most appropriate and engaging creative activities that we can provide, let us try to also get to know the sprightly imagination of preschoolers. Inspired by a blog made by Raising Children Network, a network we find relevant to our goals, we would like to share with you some of the imaginative art and play ideas and activities.

These activities and ideas have the capability to enhance and foster the creativity of your child as a part of his or her overall learning development.

At around 3-4 years old, the children are eager to:

  • Play loud, lively and fun games,
  • Engage in dress-ups and puppets for dramatic play,
  • Draw, scribble, paint, dance or sing,
  • Tell detailed stories about his or her imaginary friend, and
  • Pretend to play with the other children as if he or she is a doctor, a mother or a father, etc.

By 5 years old, they are now capable of:

  • Drawing complex shapes (like stars and diamonds) better,
  • Conveying ideas through drawing,
  • Describing the things they have observed in the environment,
  • Using art in telling stories, and
  • Expressing simple feelings

These skills are vital and fundamental to acquire in order to help these individuals get ready for formal school. They are children. Let us make use of their innocence positively. Let them be fascinated with their imaginary friends, magical thinking, ‘make-believe’ thoughts and ideas and their toys. And as adults, let us witness and enjoy that period of their development.

Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California understands every child we have under our care. We believe in their abilities and most importantly, we love to encourage them to imagine. Try to visit us and let your child gain an opportunity to be creative.


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