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What is the Relationship between Quality Childcare and School Readiness? (Continuation)

What is the Relationship between Quality Childcare and School Readiness? (Continuation)

What is the Relationship between Quality Childcare and School Readiness? Continuation

When you think about school readiness, what comes to your mind? How can you determine if your child is already ready for school?

In this blog, we will be exploring what school readiness truly is in the eyes of the experts of child development, the benefits a child can enjoy in kindergarten, elementary, secondary school and adulthood if he or she is ready for school, and finally, the relationship between quality childcare and school readiness.

School Readiness

School readiness can be extremely hard to define for it is more than just children learning the basic R’s, specifically writing, reading and arithmetic. No matter where your child is in his or her ABC and 123, we need to look onto three categories. A child’s readiness for school can be evaluated through these 3 general areas namely:

  • Physical Welfare and Motor Development

    The school is a place where children get to learn the essential knowledge and skills that will soon be useful in the future. Thus, teachers often encourage the learners to participate in activities all throughout the day.

    Activities like cutting, coloring and writing involves the child’s fine motor skills. On the other hand, running and jumping revolves around the learner’s gross motor skills. Children need to develop both skills in order to perform the tasks expected of them to complete.

    Aside from the skills, the learners should also be well-rested for them not to miss out anything from the day of learning. Plus, he or she should be provided with the nutrients needed to keep him energized and active for the day.

  • Social and Emotional Development

    No man is an island. The moment we came out of our mother’s womb, we are expected to interact with our environment, especially with the people around us.

    Going to school is one way that these children can develop their social skills. They are able to get to know other children and play with them, allowing them to express themselves and give them a few points on how to deal with others.

    But before they are able to do so, they should first have a positive relationship in their home. If they are exposed to that type of relationship, then they can express optimism towards other people especially towards their classmates and teachers.

    If a child is positive, he or she will grow to be emotionally ready for whatever circumstances that will fall upon him or her.

  • Cognitive and Language Development

    Before children can proceed to basic education, it is a must for them to have the capability to:

    • Observe
    • Ask questions
    • Solve problems

    The ideal place for children to start learning this is not at school but at home. Parents often think that it is the job of the teachers to educate their children whereas the truth is that the young learners should be guided by their parents first.

What are the benefits if a child gets to enjoy quality childcare?

  • Kindergarten and Elementary
    • Improvement in the following skills and field:
      • Reading
      • Math
      • Language
    • Decline and prevention of:
      • Cognitive issues
      • Social issues
      • Behavioral issues
      • Being in special education
      • Repeating a grade
  • Middle School and High School
    • Less probability of entering juvenile detention programs
    • More likely to receive his or her high school diploma
  • Adulthood
    • Being in a high-skilled job or in higher education by the age of 21
    • Lesser chance of committing a crime
    • Less likely to be dependent on social services

So what is the relationship of quality childcare and school readiness? If we were to give them a Facebook status, we would say that they are married.

If a child receives quality childcare, there is a high possibility that he or she will be more ready for school and achieve more. So enroll your child now at Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California for we give quality childcare while aiming for school readiness of your little one.

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