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What is the Relationship between Quality Childcare and School Readiness?


What does it mean to be in a relationship?

Almost everybody is familiar with the social networking site called Facebook, right? In this website, we are able to connect with each other and express ourselves. We can also add personal information about ourselves like the place we live, our family members and even our relationship status.

We can choose from a variety of status like being single, in a relationship, engaged, married, and many more. But not only people can have a relationship status and because we love to associate relationships in different things from concrete objects like a book and a pen to abstract things like love and indifference, we will be exploring what the relationship status of quality childcare and school readiness is.

Quality Childcare

Quality childcare is what parents wish for their children. No parent wants their child unattended and uncared for. At most, parents want to pamper their little angels as much as they can and give them everything they ever need but we all know this is not possible. Because of the demands of the society we currently live in, parents need to part from their children in order to work so that the fruit of their labor can be enjoyed by their kids.

To give solution to this dilemma, parents send their kids to providers of quality childcare so that their little ones can receive the care they require despite the absence of their father and/or mother.

In order to assess whether a service provider indeed is capable and qualified in giving the finest childcare option, check if they possess the following characteristics:

  • Low children to teacher ratio

    Children are a bundle of energy. They hop, run, climb and do whatever they want as if there will be no consequences. Because of this, the caregivers and teachers need to keep an eye on them at all times.

    Having low child to teacher ratio is the ideal preschool and childcare center. With this, teachers can see to it to care for all the children in their care most especially your little bundle of joy.

  • Less number of children

    In relation to low children to teacher ratio, you need to look for a preschool and childcare center that has less number of children in the room. We are not talking about a center that only has a few enrollees but one that has a small group size.

  • Emergency ready

    Many things will surely happen if a child is allowed to run around in his or her own accord. Multiply it by a dozen and you will probably meet accidents and incidents one after the other.

    Service providers that cater to the needs of children must be prepared at all cost. Whether it is a new diaper for that unfortunate baby who lost it before he or she can reach the bathroom or an evacuation policy in case of fire, earthquake and more, childcare centers need to be ready in case of emergency.

  • Safe

    As we have said, children have the capability to do certain things without thinking of their own safety. That is why we, as adults, do all the thinking for them. Having children in one place can prove to be disastrous so a safe environment needs to be prioritized at all cost.

  • Competent caregivers and teachers

    The staff and employees in the center are the people your children interact with in your absence. See to it that these people are well-mannered because they serve as role models to the young learners.

    It also pays to look into their personal background so that you will have an idea what kind of people they are. Check if they are trained and qualified to care for children and if they are able to administer first aid, CPR and other preventive measures.

Parents need to be demanding when it comes to the quality of childcare they submit their kids to. So here in Clemens Home Preschool and Childcare in W. Cerritos Anaheim California, we submit to those demands by assuring you that the criteria mentioned above are met by our institution.

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